Make Your Own Song

by islandcoli on January 27, 2011

How Can You Make Your Own Song

If you want to make your own song, you need to have basic skills in reading music notes. When you have the basic skills in reading music notes, you will know which notes to use for a certain musical scale. You must be familiar with both minor and major music scale lessons. If you want to learn about music theory, you should participate in a songwriting course. There are free and commercial songwriting course. You can find free songwriting course on the internet. Examples of a professional online songwriting course is Berkleemusic. The web has a lot of resources on songwriting. You should read songwriting blogs because they provides a lot of free songwriting tips. If you have question on how to make your own song, you can email the owner of the songwriting blog. Most of the time, the owner will respond to the person.

To make your own song, you need to buy a music notation software. The music notation software can work with your existing organs or piano. Whenever you press a key on the piano keyboard, the music note will immediately appear in the software. As you play the music, the music notation for the whole song will be automatically generated. This prevents you from having to personally write the notations. After you have composed the song, you can use the software to play it back. You can edit the song for as many times as you want with the software. Music notation software can costs about $100 – $300.

If you are making the song for commercial purposes, you should copyright it. Copyrighting the song will prevent people from stealing your song. If you don’t copyright your song, someone might steal the tunes or words from your song and incorporate into their songs. It doesn’t cost much to copyright your song. After your song is copyrighted, you must get it published. There are many places you can sell your song to earn income. For example, you can list your song for sale in iTunes, Yahoo Music and etc. You will earn royalties if people buy and download your music. Royalty is a percentage of earnings from the sales of the music downloads.

If you want to know what people think about your song, you can provide a free sample and let people give you feedback. For example, you can upload the song to YouTube and let people review it. Many people will come and comment on your song. You can include a link to the music store in the video description. In this way, people who like your song can click on the link and visit the music store to buy you song. You can also join the songwriting forum and get feedbacks from the members. You should take note of the feedbacks provided by the members at the songwriting forum. If you want to make changes, you can change it before publishing the song. After you have published the song, it is best that you don’t change the song. So what are you waiting for make your own song today!

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